Help finding world/view models?

So I found a decent list on the old gmod wiki:

But then I see people using:

Where can I find a good list of these or browse them?

Those ones are most likely custom. A lot of viewmodels are. You can view the default CS:S viewmodels with a vpk extractor.

Just go into the .VPKs of CSS like Ghost said above me, or any other VPKs using GCFScape. Otherwise, they’re all custom.

Don’t go into any of the vpks, that’s stupid. Open GMod, mount needed games and use the Browse feature of spawn menu, you can spawn the models and see them visuslly, you can easily copy their paths, you can browse them by-game or all at once.

He said he wanted a full list. Going through the spawn menu and constantly copying and pasting paths seems like a waste of time when in the .vpk’s. they’re all there.

You’ll still need to copy and paste all the paths from there if you are to use them in weapons, and considering you’ll have to open properties to copy full path… And reverse(forward) slashes… You are just doing more work. for customs

The two other ones I listed are not “custom” there was no download required to use these. So it got me thinking what else can I use that’s not DLC.

Also RobotBoy what models/Categories should I browse, all the models I saw did not have paths like these do.

Is that really THAT counter intuitive?

I see what you’re saying now robot; that is a lot easier.

I was only going to the weapons tab before, sorry I don’t mingle in sandbox as much as I should.

Thanks for the input everyone!