Help fixing addon.

Hello everyone, i require some help fixing a Paintball SWEP addon.

the problem with it is that it doesn’t draw a paint decal where the bullet hits, I’ve looked through the code and i believe this is the function that draws the decal, The SWEP can be found on the workshop as “Paintball SWEP’s 4.0”

function ENT:PhysicsCollide(data,phy)
	local trace = {}
	trace.filter = {self.Entity}
	data.HitNormal = data.HitNormal * -1
	local start = data.HitPos + data.HitNormal
	local endpos = data.HitPos - data.HitNormal
	self.Entity:EmitSound(Sound( "marker/pbhit.wav" ))
	// if 
		// ( data.HitEntity:IsValid() && data.HitEntity:IsPlayer() ) then data.HitEntity:TakeDamage( 1, self.Owner ) 
	// end
	self.Entity:Fire("kill", "", 0)

If anyone could help me out i would REALLY appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.