Help Fixing Swear words. (darkRP)

Is there a way to disable the auto blurring of swear words on DarkRP? Its getting irritating everytime someone says fuck it says fudge… Cock = Rooster its annoying af.

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PS Yes I own the server.

This isn’t caused by darkRP, this has to do with whatever chat box you are using. My guess would be that it’s hats chat 2.

Check the configuration file to whatever chatbox you are using. My bet is that there is probably some sort of boolean within there that allows you to toggle filtering on and off. Just set the value to false and it should be fine. Either that or you can do it the hacky way and find the list of cuss words and what they are going replaced with, and just change the replacement words to the original cuss word (i’d look for the config option first to turn it off).

fixed it thx guys

Then please mark it as solved.