Help for a zombie survival map

Ok I’m trying to make an small zombie survival map where always zombies follow you. A good example is zs_backstreet ( where fast zombies directly wanna to pwn you.

Does anybody know how to do that?

Node the fuck out of your map.

Are you a piece of noob or what? If that was the solution, I wouldn’t have done this thread!
First, take a fucking look at hammer and you will see mapping isn’t easy as your guys think! :bang:
Nodes are only for make npcs think where to go for follow you, not for find and kill you.

Calm down. I think you’ll find the majority of people here have a great deal more knowledge than you when it comes to mapping, and it’s actually not very hard at all once you get past generic errors and the like.

And yes, you need nodes.

But a part of nodes, what more? That’s the question.
And yes, there are some nice people here, that’s why I use this forum, for except the trolls and spammers.

Nothing more.

I just maked a “obstacle course”. I mean, a maze without fake ways.
I needed to noclip so fzombies can see me. In zs_backstreet you can be hided zombies will always find you

That’s to do with AI detection, not to do with the map itself. I’m not sure if there are any properties you can apply to the enemies within hammer.

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In all seriousness, zs_hamlet is a big city map with Fast Zombies everywhere that can and will chase you even in the few houses (they can open the door entities! We’re fucked!)
link to the map pack that includes zs_hamlet’s latest version

To make zombies find you as they spawn, do this.

  1. Create an ai_relationship entity.
  2. Set the target to !player.
  3. Set the subject to npc_zombie.
  4. Set the disposition to Hate.
  5. Tick the “Notify subject of target’s location” flag.

Mmm… I will try. Also, nice picture afnopo XDXD

Edit: Does not work, zombies stay in the spawn point.