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I made a gamemode from a skeleton gamemode and I want it so I have players godded and only have a crowbar. They spawn in with a crowbar and crossbow

Server settings

"hostname"				"Chatroom 1.0 (BETA)"
	"sv_defaultgamemode"		"skeleton"
	"sv_lan"			"0"
	"sv_kickerrornum"    "0"
	sv_downloadurl ""
	"maxplayers"			"30"
	"sbox_allownpcs"		"0"
	"sbox_maxprops"			"0"
	"sbox_maxragdolls"		"0
	"sbox_maxnpcs"			"0"
	"sbox_maxballoons"		"0"
	"sbox_maxeffects"		"0"
	"sbox_maxdynamite"		"0"
	"sbox_maxlamps"			"0"
	"sbox_maxthrusters"		"0"
	"sbox_weapons"			"0"
	"sbox_maxwheels"		"0"
	"sbox_godmode"			"1"
	"sbox_plpldamage"		"0"
	"sbox_playergod"		"0"
	"sbox_noclip"			"0"
	"sbox_maxhoverballs"		"0"
	"sbox_maxvehicles"		"0"
	"sbox_maxbuttons"		"0"
 hid rcon password

and the txt file for the gamemode

	"base"		"base"
	"title"		"Chatroom"
	"maps"		"^gm_"
	"menusystem"	"1"
	"workshopid"	""

"name"		"sbox_godmode"
			"text"		"god_mode"
			"help"		"When enabled all players will be invincible"
			"type"		"CheckBox"
			"default"	"1"

Please help! :3

EDIT: Also how do I make a default playermodel for players?

No idea what the fuck you’re doing…

But you can’t use DropBox as a FastDL, it just doesn’t work that way

Sorry the post kinda got messed up, fixed

Hook into PlayerLoadout to give the player a weapon_crowbar. Hook into PlayerTakeDamage or EntityTakeDamage and change the amount of damage they’re to take.

Ace, where do I put these exactly?

Really because I’ve been doing it for a year now and it works fine

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He just told you, you put them in hooks. Hooks can go in virtually any file.

[quote=“BFG9000, post:6, topic:168969”]

Really because I’ve been doing it for a year now and it works fine

Yeah, they recently changed how it works. Existing members shouldn’t have a problem, but now it scrambles the URL for each directory to prevent people doing this

But aren’t public folders static URLs?

The issue with DropBox is that it’s been alleged that it’s against the TOS and users have lost their accounts due to putting fastdl files there. Best thing to do is ask before you do it; contact them if unsure about it.

BFG9000 answered the “where do I put the hooks” question; in case it’s not understood; PlayerLoadout is a SERVER-side hook.

Which means that you’ll have to put it in a file that runs server side. Examples would be shared.lua’s in SENTs and SWEPs, autorun/, autorun/server, or init files of entities, etc.