Help for my friend

My friend got banned on his main account because it was hacked, he already knows he can’t get unbanned but would still want to play the game. If he buys it on another account is he gonna get banned from it or is he safe to play the game again ?

Which kind of ban is it?

Hi there!
Been avoiding bans from harasser admins for years now. If it’s a game ban, you need to get another steam account and buy the game again. Also, when you start the game up make sure to delete Rust then reinstall it new, as well as anti cheat.
Then to avoid layer 3 bans you need to download a vpn. Start the game up while you are connected to the vpn so it authorizes you as a new user. Once you are in the game you can then turn off the vpn and you are all set and ready to play!
I’ve had lots of false bans from people that just want to cause me pain for no reason other than rumors so I know the pain is starting anew. Good luck!

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