Help fresh spawns and make game more interesting

Make it more difficult to craft military weapons and armor. Plain and simple. If I am a nude with a pick I can easily kill a leather or a cloth person by swerving in and out of them and hitting them because of no collision. This would help nudies get started and keep the game more interesting. Right now I have a huge house. like 5 sets of kevlar and a million guns. If it was harder to make It would keep me going to get more resources and not so many people would have kevlar and M4s. Right now I am bored, I have it all and that has made me want to kill nudies, which I try not to do unless they attack me first or approach me. When kevlars get bored they kill without reason. Keep them busy.

It would be an awesome idea too, to make it where Zombies and bears are attracted to noise, so when Kevlars are shooting nonstop zombies and bears will come and Zombies will get more violent.

Make it where you can’t build on Rad zones or make it where it decays ridiculously quick. I have seen the rad zone get owned by Kevlars where no fresh spawn can get that lucky P250 or mp5 to help them get started.

Make the server map bigger, this takes work. I understand that, I doubt it will be done anytime soon. But if some of you have been here long enough you have seen this, when the server gets reset nudies are chasing other nudies for miles and killing each other for resources insanely. This should happen but not on a scale of 250 people in one little area.

These are all ideas I have seen and/or thought of and am just reinforcing. I understand the game is in alpha. I am saying this for future ideas and updates. I don’t expect them to be implemented right away.

Post your own ideas below. Things to help freshies and to make the game more interesting as time goes along.

Be sure that the devs are aware of that, but I think they are trying to get some fundemental stuff done before expanding the map, and as you can see with time they add new stuff: workbench, bow, stone axe etc…

So the only remedy is patience.

And concerning making “get guns harder”, that wouldn’t work because either you can at least craft one then if you stay put you drop them or since you’ll need more resources to make guns (if that is what you mean by harder) everyone will kill every single nudes since they are easy target and most of the time in posession of goods.

Hope that I was clear on my explaining.


That makes sense. Lame that we can’t fix the nudie problem.

Yeah everyone is banging heads over this subject, but maybe we should just accept the fact that rust is a really, really hostile game :smiley:

Helk is currently making it so you need a lot of different parts to craft an M4 I’m pretty sure he said. Also the map is actually fairly big, it is just that everyone hangs around in such a small area because thats where the known resource spawn locations are at. I’ve heard that far out around the map are some resource spawns, and the map is actually quite a decent size.

Maybe they should spread out the new players, I know they added something that made you spawn further away from other players but im guessing the problem there is more with people spawning more or less in the starting area which means that where they are going to set up base.