Help, garry's mod is ****ed up!

I have alot of black and pink checkered things, like floor and my hands + player models, also some player models are invisible and some stand like jesus and still move while standing still like they are hovering but their feet touch the ground. I have CS:S. Help please! I just bought GMod…

Maybe it is HL2 materials?

Have you tried:
-Verifying cache
-Make sure you own the game that you want mounted
-Making sure that that game is actually mounted
-Make sure you have played the game once before

Worse case: try re-installing after backing up anything you might need.

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Have you also tried looking at other threads and see how they solved their problems?

Have you tried:
-Verifying cache - Yes
-Make sure you own the game that you want mounted - Yes
-Making sure that that game is actually mounted - No, how do i do this?
-Make sure you have played the game once before - I just bought it :confused:

I have reinstalled one time…

I have checked other forum posts, but I cant fix my problem…

Start up CS:S, verify the integrity of GMod, and if that fails, verify CS:S. Also, to make sure CS:S is mounted, click the game controller in the bottom right hand corner of your screen on the main menu and make sure CS:S is checked.

I verified GMod and it said “1 files failed to validate and will now be reaccquired” but when I entered GMod it was still had the problem… Verifying CS:S didnt either work… Am I doomed?

When I checked the mounted things, HL2(not only HL2) had like a picture of a folder and under to the right of it was a red - with a circle around it, does this cause the problem???

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Try deleting your Garry’s Mod folder in /steamapps/common and completely reinstalling.

Ah the common pink + black checkered textures. Do you have other games such as HL2, HL2:EP1, HL2:EP2,etc? Those are some of the games you need mounted in order to remove some of the checkered textures. And are you using something that hides the “Error” models? If you do, disable that and make sure the models are from workshop or in the addons folder correctly.

Yeah, but you don’t need any game to see the physcannon correctly.

But you stated the common pink + black checkered issue. You need those other games to fix those missing textures

There shouldn’t be that many issues if he has CS:S mounted correctly and GMod in the right place.

I thought you get HL2 files when you download GMod…

Also Code_gs, I have deleted the folder and I am now installing GMod again!

thefish1, are the checkered textures coming from maps? models? etc? And if so can you tell me which? I don’t think I’m reading it correctly.

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Some maps require Episode 1 and Episode 2, depending on the maps though. Or unless I’m reading his post incorrectly.

how is your gmod working

Thank you! This worked, its fine now!