[HELP] Garry's Mod Textures Glitch?

So about a week ago I started up gmod. I went on my RP server, then all my textures are weird and glitched up. :confused:
I have already re-installed GMOD, HL2, CSS, and HL2E2…
The same problem occurs with CSS… D:
Is there an easy fix? or something… Here is some examples.

Please help. Its VERY annoying

-snip never mind you uploaded them-

Someone had an issue like this before… Wound up being their GPU going bad or something.

Looking for the thread.

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Well this isn’t the one I was LOOKING for… but close enough:
It was on the first page. Please start searching first >.>

Does this happen when you play other graphics intensive games? If so, I’d say your video card may be on it’s way to going fubared.

By the looks of it, the card is damaged enough to show artifacts in graphics intensive software (Gmod, Portal, etc) yet is still stable enough not to bombard you with BSODs and/or not litter your desktop with artifacts.

I’d recommend shopping around for a new video card at this time.