Help, Garrys Mod weird translucent gray box that acts like captions or subtitles.

When I reload it says like [Reloading] or a grenade blows up it says [Explosion]. If a citizen says something it is placed into the translucent gray box. I have tried a new fresh G-mod folder and it seems the box is there by default, I am not sure how to disable it. Please Help.

Heres a picture of it:

Upload the picture to a filehosting site, we can’t access your computer

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And the solution would be to enter Settings in garry’s mod > Sound > change the subtitles to no subtitles

whichever it would be, I’m using the swedish version of garry’s mod so I don’t know the exact translation.

Heres the correct URL

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Hey deggie, Thanks bud, I would have never figured out that it was the closed caption thing xD