Help, garrysmod default scoreboard for darkrp

When i join a darkrp server i get the default scoreboard instead of the darkrp one…

i was wondering if anybody elce has had this problem… and knows how to fix?

im on a pc.

Here is the error

Timer Error: [darkrp\gamemode\FAdmin\RCon\cl_init.lua:5] attempt to call method 'AddServerAction' (a nil value)

I would try using the DarkRP SVN - You have the same issue as I did when I started my server. The DarkRP was out of date and the SVN took care of it. Hope this helps, Myth.

This didnt help at all, unfortunately.

i dont own the server?

Wait you don’t own the server, Then talk too the server operator for help.

I have, he wouldnt do anything as im the only one who can report this problem