HELP says i dont have Gmod

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i try to log in with steam and it says
“That account doesn’t seem to own GMod.
If it does - it’s set to private, please make it public for this process and try again.”
my account is public ive checked

yea i have same problem but how do i change it to public?
i downloaded gmod from
please help me

(User was permabanned for this post ("Pirated GMod" - Grea$eMonkey))

Just for verification, can you put your facepunch username in the “About Me” section on your steam profile, just to confirm it’s you.

Teddi, he has the game in his games list.

Faking the url would be of no use.

Made my day.

OP:Double check if it is on public and try retyping it again.
If that doesn’t work still, clear your cookies.

ive checked it is on public and have cleared all my cookies but it still says that i dont have garrys mod

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SOLVED i was using my old account login <hurtj7> and my new one is <hurtj>