Help getting server online

I have tried using Hamachi, but I had no idea how, and I tried port forwarding, by searching forums and YouTube, but I have NO idea how to port forward and get it working for a dedicated server. Can anyone step by step guide me? I have no experience in networking at all

To be perfectly honest, if you want a server that bad, it would be better to rent one.

Http:// Look for your router, click on it. The next page, scroll down and look for the game your looking for. Like if its garrysmod its steam half life 2 server, if its CSS, Half Life 1 Server.

where is says 27015, 27020. Also open 27005…

I opened up both of em but my server doesn’t show up in servers

So u opened 27005 27015,27020? UDP and TCP??

If your looking for it on the server list in interent. U wont find it, because ur hosting it. Ask a friend to look for it. If they cant find it. Give them your External IP. When the servers running tell them to put “connect <ip>” in console. If they connect everything is fine. If not, Something isn’t right

YEA, all of them have to be UDP and TCP…

I need to open 27015 and 27020 for UDP AND TCP?

YEA, all of them have to be UDP and TCP…

27015 -27020


ALL UDP and TCP else FAIL.

Do I do

single: 27015, and 27020, or
range: 27015-27020 ?