Help: Getting started with SNPC

I’m interested in building an NPC right from scratch. Does anyone have any tips, documentation or code snippets to get me going? I’ve had a look around (search is disabled for me?) but all I can find is stuff that’s built ontop of something else.

If there’s a place to see the code for the vanilla zombies or combine, that’d be perfect.

This might help you, it helped me.

SNPC Tutorial

Dude, That one doesn’t work in gm13. I’m here looking for the solution for no SNPC functionality whatsoever in gm13. Anyone got any suggestions?

What the fuck are you talking about? Read the whole thread before you mention GM13. In the title and the first post it doesn’t mention anything about GM13. You’re not the opening poster either so this isn’t really you’re question. If you have a different question don’t change the whole thread by saying “OMG THATS FOR GM12 NOT GM13.”

Take your little problems here.

I apologize for the mistake i’ve made.
I’ve been trying to figure this out for about two hours now. I posted there before i saw this reply.
can I delete my reply here or something?