[Help - Gmod] Beginner 3D modeling for Garry's mod

Hellooo, Well first off I am a bit new to this. I’ve been wanting to get into 3D modeling and Graphic Design for games and such for the longest time but I had no idea where to start.
Now that me and my friends at [MG] are planning to start up our community again It has given me somewhere to start with modeling and designing.
My problem is I don’t know the basic basics.

What program should i use?
I’ve heard of blender but I’ve gotten mixed reviews on that
I own Zbrush but I don’t know anything about the program and I heard that Zbrush has to many polygons for Gmod games and/or valve games in gen

Where should i start when i get the program?
What steps should I take to learn not only about how to create models but also to import them to Gmod and other games
(As well as adding textures’n stuff)

I’ve heard milkshake is good to start with,
Correct me if I’m wrong guys.

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Lol meant to say milkshape

I use 3dsmax. And as for advice, I have none really. I’ve been learning myself. The tutorials you find on here might be somewhat helpful, though most are outdated. I would just watch many youtube videos.

Wish you luck.

I also use 3dsmax,. you can get it free by applying as a student,.
I don’t know anything about making a model from scratch,. but if it’s rigging, try using mariokart64n’s as reference. His tutorial is a bit outdated and most of the links are dead,. but it’s a good reference and you’ll be able to rig a simple model, on Gmod.

I think Maya is the best for modelling, and 3ds max is best for animating.

Zbrush is great too. You can sculpt your model and then lover the polygon count afterwards. And to my understanding the maximum polygon count for source is 32767.

apply for a student liecense
it has
3ds max- I use this for animating rigging.
XSI- I use this for modeling, one of the best in my opinion.
Mudbox-same kind of program as Z-brush, features texture paitning and sculpting
Maya- modeling program meh.

You could also try blender… but why bother when the others are also free.

Modeling from scratch takes time to learn, took me a few years practice to get good at organic modeling. It isn’t something you can learn overnight and 3ds max has a huge learning curve. Take time doing tutorials on youtube and modeling props, then move onto more complicated stuff.

Thanks a ton, I’ll be sure to try XSI. I’m not sure If I’m going to need 2ds max will I? since its mainly for animating or is it essential? Also I’m not finding anywhere to apply but i do see the download for the products so I guess I’ll just have to do that

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Thanks for the advice. If all dose not go well with XSI I’ll try Maya.

XSI was originally what a lot of modellers for the source community used, it’s not that complex in my opinion though but if you’re starting out with simple models it’s the way to go

3dsmax is actually very hard to navigate and use at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s probably going to be one of the most useful 3d programs out there, it’s not just for animating and you can get many good plugins made specifically for source

I’m having trouble finding XSI at the moment actually. Could someone maybe link it? please ^^’
All I’m finding when i search for it is this

I use Blender because it’s free, and you can start using it right away. Anyway, the learning curve is very high and it takes time to familiarize yourself with its interface and keyboard shortcuts (because using menus without hotkeys is slow and awkward in the long run). Blender is a good way to meet 3D modeling in general and it gives you an excellent basic understanding of modeling, texturing and rendering… EVEN THOUGH you’d change the software to elswhere in future, for some reason. Of course after the change you have to learn the interface of the another program, again, but you don’t necessarily need to learn the basics how to model anymore.

Nevertheless, as soon as I’ll get to study the game industry as a 3D modeler, I’ll definitely move to 3DS Max just because it’s generally and widely supported. Overall though, Blender is a good starting point.

sign up here and fill in all the slots with fake stuff and what not other than your email, and you can get pretty much all their programs for free

Look for softimage, its under theirs and not as widely advertised on the site. Btw if you choose XSI choose 2011 rather then 12, 2012 edition has a lot of issues.

3DS max is still good to have, I use both, 3ds max has a very nice set of tools for modeling, and is the most supported for plugins and scripts compared to other programs. personally I would use only 3ds max but I dont know how to model in it haha. its a lot different then xsi modeling.

question: if I want to port a model that’s already been ragdolled, can I use milkshape 3D to edit?

you could… it has a SMD import, but milkshape is a really lightweight tool, better off just using another program.

Pretty sure milkshape lets you add bones,generate a qc and all that junk. Know for sure that it supports smds.

OK but just in case I’m am talking about replacement edit like if I say that I want to cut off heavy’s arm and replace them with the tanks arms.

Yes milkshape will let you model hack, although it’s hard as hell, 3dsmax is SUPER easy for that, you can also highlight certain parts on some models, making a clean hack.

It would make sense that Milkshape 3D can be easy to use. I don’t even have 3dsmax unless I download Torrent file.

you can sing up for a student with fake login information on autodesk.com and get all of their shit for free

you get the complete version?