Help! Gmod Crashes!

This has been since i downloaded GMOD

i play on regular TTT, got CSS content, no addons, everything is ok

But… BAM!

After 5-20 minutes, the game just freezez, all sounds repeat themselfs with the delay of a second, then a black screen appears, and the game is STILL RUNNING, i can still normaly function ( walk, shoot ETC ) but i got a black screen and the only way to end the game is thru task manager

My GPU is from the 7700 series, the temps are about 40-50 ( not hot AT ALL )!

What to do?!

I tried to play on low res and low graphics quality but no succsess

What to dO!?!?!?!?!?!/!/!/! :(((((((((

7700 series? Is that AMD or Nvidia because if it’s the latter that’s really old. Try running the game with -dxlevel 80

I’ll try that, i’ll post the results

not really, it’s from 2012, that’s not old

Do a dxdiag and tell me your version of DirectX. If it’s >=9, do -dxlevel 95. 7700 series is hardly that old.

It’s version 11

i’ll try -dxlevel 95 and see if it helps

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i love you!