HELP!!!!! Gmod doesnt work any more =(

My lil brother just clicked a whole load of boxes in a option off the main menu it had things like Tf2 and now its not letting me play without down loading like 6 other games is ther any way i can change it back???

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ON Garrys mod by the way

click extensions and uncheck the games you dont want

thank you heaps +)

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where is extensions??

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koz i cant even open garrys mod?

I suggest backing up all your addons and deleting garrysmod/garrysmod altogether, looks like a game problem, so give it a full reinstall. And then redownload the games and try GMod again.

so if i back up Gmod i wont have to download it again??

Well, just the addons you really need into another folder like “backup”. You’ll have to redownload GMod though since I don’t think you don’t have problems with the games. Give it a try.

How old are you?

He is 11