Help Gmod frozen on launcher (MAC)

Hi, i had some issues with steam recently and i had to go through a ton to fix it including deleting garrysmod and rust. I re-downloaded garrysmod and when i try to launch it the hl2_osx is on my dock doing nothing. After 5 minutes or so, garrysmod launches and my screen is blue and i cant do shit unless i go on another desktop (desktop 2). On the 2nd desktop it says, no steam user etc close gmod n crap… When i do close it says gmod has unexpectedly shut down, reopen, report, close.

If you want my honest opinion on the problem, I think it’s your OS. Try dualbooting windows.(No but seriously, have you tried reinstalling gmod, reinstalling os, and etc.?)

Can’t do that, school mac :slight_smile:
Also it worked smoothly before. I was playing gmod and rust 24/7 but now it no work :C