[HELP] GMOD LUA Setting Playermodel without Player respawning?

I’m making a closet system where if you are Team police; team “2” and you use the locker it will change your playermodel to police one so you can be off duty/on duty cop
How can I make it so it changes the players playermodel without them having to respawn?

requires player to respawn



You are using it incorrectly then, SetModel just changes the model…Spawn just moves the player to a specific position, doesn’t have nothing to do with SetModel

it is requiring me to use GM:PlayerSetModel which runs when the player respawns.

I’m just saying when I’m using any other function it is not changing the playermodel even when I am respawning…

you know instead of calling me dumb can someone pls help me so you know i’m like less dumb…

They literally told you the solution, and you are ignoring them. Just use Entity:SetModel. Why don’t you try listening to a solution before dismissing it?

Here’s some video proof that it works.


Also, if you want it to not change back when you respawn, just set the convar cl_playermodel to be the playermodel’s string