Help!! GMOD ragdool help with blender

Help me please. I need to know how to make a ragdoll for gmod on blender. Also how would I make a playermodel for gmod on blender. Can you make it easy and not complicated also if you have a video that can explain most of it and it is not super long like an hour or 40 min. Thank you very much if you reply!!!

If you want quality you need to be patient. watch the video and learn, this kind of stuff cannot be put into a super short time-frame 40 minutes is quite short for a tutorial in such an area if it only consists of 1 part :slight_smile:

that’s fine I just don’t want it to be super complicate because I don’t know every thing about blender and gmod modeling. so just give me a video that will show me how to do this. And thanks!!!

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Also, how do make a gmod ragdoll on blender. I know there needs to be a skeleton weight painted to the model and my model has a skeleton weight painted to it. but what needs to be in the .qc file to make it a ragdoll and what do I extract as a .smd in blender. if you can give me a video that explains this it will be awesome. I try to find these kind of videos but nothing comes up or if you know how to do this you cans send me a video or instructions. And…Thanks!!!

Wouldn’t it be called source modeling ?