Help!!Gmod RP server problem

It started 1day after i started adding alot of addons,i was download add ons like kermites weapons pack and combine skins and stuff and when i was done of all that stuff i went to a rp server to play some rp but when i got there it said i had 0$ salary,No job,0$ so i got a job and it still say i had no job and i checked the scoreboard and everybodes name was blank please help!is it becuase i accidenly overwrited something?or did is it too much add ons?help PLEASE!

Probably too many addons, clean gmod by renaming the garrysmod folder and restarting Gmod.

but i have important files like,phx3,wiremod,gcombat 9,and stuff

This happened to me in Flood when I had Mad Cows Weapon Base 2.0 Beta installed, got rid of it, and wallah!

hey ill try deleting mad cows weapon base 3.0 and 2.0

aw it didnt work