Help gmod...

Hello, when i start my DarkRP Server and then try to connect to it with Garrys mod then i get this error

Engine Error
Couldn’t allocate any server IP port

and i have portworwarded UDP/TCP 27016,27015

Both them and my server are using “27016” and i still get same error -.-… and i tryd with that and this “27015” so… i reded a Thopic before that u cudd Disable HLDTV or some thing then it would wor to play gmod and host on same comp :P… so what shud i do to Play and host on same coms :S PLEASE HELP…

Srry for my bad english, im from sweden :stuck_out_tongue:

What the deuce

Anyway, using your gaming computer as a host will decrease the performance alot, you probably won’t even be able to play. Buy from a host (xenonservers(.com?) for example) or get a new computer to host on

As for the connecting issue I have no idea, not good with that

hahaha i got more than 100/mbit in the internet lol xD…

upload or download speed?

dunno but it is good its the best in sweden :wink:

Knowing normal PCs and past experiences, you’ll be able to play with good performance, just movement lag on your own server. For that problem though, I’m unsure.

W00T??? please help me with this instead of jagging of some wierd stuffs ??

Engine Error
Couldn’t allocate any server IP port


and how do i disable HLTV ?? :S…

Just out of curiosity, how old are you? Cause’ I’m Swedish too, and as you can see, my English is perfectly fine.

Also, disconnect your router, and plug the PC directly into the modem.

Ehmm me and my dad and my mom Deals in the internet lol… and im 13


make an srcds shorcut (if you don’t have one) Ryt click it and Add this after the stuff in side “Target”

<space>+hostport 27016 +tv_port 27021

Your port will be 20716, Enjoy :smiley:

but … instead of that when i klick on the Shortcut then i can Write 27016 in the Box :stuck_out_tongue: ??