Help graphics screw up on gmod


Look somthing happend and idk what the fuck it is Its like a damn rave party how do i fix this :mad:

PC Specs?

Your running a shitty intel gma. Your doomed if your on a craptop. And don’t say lower the settings because that does jack. Temp solution = sv_cheats 1 and r_drawparticles 0

I have a nvidia geforce 250 gts


Got it at dec 2009


12 fans+1heatsink

It might be overheating.

I am correct do NOT attempt anything else. Any gma is supported unless you have a OB.
okay scrap the above its over heating open windows dont block the vents. And dont overclock.

Also its not a laptop

Still, could we have some more detail about your computer, such as Ram and CPU.
Have you tried updating your graphics drivers at

Jesus christ im on a fucking 3g phone stop rating me shit ratings. Like i cant post instantly.
Anyways its overheating. Cool off.

4 ram windows 7 nvidia geforce 250 gts heatsink 12 fans 7 vents nuff said

I’m rating you dumb because your assuming something you don’t even have evidence for.

Not quite. You never specified CPU.

I have a clear window ya know i can see right inside it

I’m helping you, yet my computer gets far worse on a brand new card.

I want to rate you dumb but i wont. Don’t you dare. Okay? I am on a shitastic 3g phone. It takes 10 to load up a page.

If your GPU got really hot one time (maybe before you put in all the fans or whatever) then it could be permanently damaged.

Shit its still happening It wasnt overheating it was full of dust Case not closed its fuckin full of dust




OP, download hwmonitor and post your temperatures



Hurf durf?