HELP!! having trouble playing Rust in Macbook Pro

I have been having trouble playing Rust in my Macbook Pro. It is really slow and sometimes it even freezes. Before the update it worked great but now after the new upgrade everything just got horrible and slow. How can I fix this because it is really annoying.

Get a PC if you’re going to game. You will encounter this issue with almost every single game you start playing. GL

macbook pro really isn’t made at all for gaming

atm it runs bad for even good hardware though, since it’s being reoptimized

You just have to wait until they fix this, which might be weeks or months. Eventually they will get the game running better and you can play in MacOS. You can play in Bootcamp now as an alternative - it worked decently until the recent patches - so if they fix those issues it should work again in Bootcamp.

And the stupid idea that all games have problems when you run them on a Mac is just ignorant. Lots of game play perfectly on a Mac - such as Diablo 3 and Rust Legacy.

Hey, it’s 2015! With quad-core i7 processors, NVIDIA GPU, and 16GB RAM the macbook pro is not a bad gaming machine. Maybe they are optimized more for graphics and video editing, but they certainly compare well with other PC laptops on the market.

Cant use the track pad with the building menu, even if you are running WINDOWS on it.

Hmm? How is your right click set up? I can play fine on the trackpad. Both legacy and new Rust play fine without a mouse (for me). I have right corner set as right click.