Help HDR Error Texture



Build the cubemaps.

In both hdr and ldr mode

First, enable HDR mode, go to the console and write:

Then disconnect, disable HDR mode at load up the map again, then write buildcubemaps in the console once more.
Disconnect again and load the map in HDR mode and it should be alright.


Best sky ever

Its okay.

I thought when you did buildcubemaps it built them for both because when you build them in HDR mode about twice as many pictures flash across the screen and it takes twice as long.

If you do need to build cubemaps multiple times, then do you need to build it once in LDR then once in HDR (bloom) and again in HDR (full)?

Building cubemaps in HDR mode takes long because if you notice, the image start bright then gets darker.

You only need to buildcubemaps in hdr and ldr mode (I believe bloom only is considered ldr)

Bloom is considered hdr actually.