[Help] Holding a Entity

Hello, everyone. I’m trying to make it easier to aim and hold an entity that I have.
I tried Parenting the Entity to the player, and it has the chance to crash the server, which isn’t very Ideal.

I’ve recently tried to just update the position of the entity in front of the player’s face, it… kinda works… It basically will teleport across the map and back to your face, and if you move to quickly it will prop kill you…

I don’t know, what I should do… because I’ve ran out of Ideas. If you guys have any suggestions, please… :hammered:

Why does it specifically have to be an entity and not a swep?

Well, I making a hose system, and I wanted it to be able to connect to a another hose to be extended, and when I use parenting it overrides the constraint. Also, it kinda bugs out and crashes the server when the hose is removed. Which I did do on the “OnRemove” entity function, and do “self:SetParent(NULL)”. Which clears the Parenting.

I’ve already got the entity script to connect to another hose, which doesn’t have any problems. And Yes that uses the Parenting Functions… :\ But I want to make the Entity be in front of your face, but still allow you to move while it’s in your face, and be able to be rotated correctly.

If you want an example of a Simple Fire Hose System, look at SantosRP’s FireHose. I’m kinda remaking that fire hose, but with some extended features.

i lol’d

why not make a system that makes it so when you press a key it turns the last part of the hose into a swep and make the hose follow the player? to me that seems alot less glitchier, and easier.