help :( (housing)

ok, i login to the game, i only have an awesome rock and my penis.

what am i suppose to do to actually start developing without dying evey 15minutes?

the only house i can build is one that can be broken after 5 axe hits.

how do you actaully get to the point you have a legit house the wolves can’t kill ou inside?

ummmm, Really?

Log in and head North. Get wood and stone. Make stone hatchet.

Build a base. Get hammer tool. Right click on wall. While holding right click left click on make wood or stone.

Stay away from wooded areas. More chance players will kill you but less chance wolf/bear will kill you.

did’nt know that :smiley:



what about doors?

Have a look at the guides on Rustified they should answer a lot of questions for you - Click this link

One issue to be aware of with the guides (and this applies for any Rust guide you find) is that they might not be accurate for the latest version of Rust, its a downside of the rapid pace of development of Rust at the moment

ask another player in game to help you. thats always a fun way to learn stuff. be aware they may try to take advantage of you though.

well, i officialy hate this game.

so annoing for beginners.

finnaly, gathering enought to build a furnace, and ofcourse since i need this furnace to lock my door, while doing so somone comes in kills me with a rock.

i have a sleeping bad, so i can respawn quicly and kill him, but no, that’s the perfect time for the game to crash.

i’m out

What exactly were you expecting when you bought a game solely about PvP and survival?

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAH im out allready? Come on man this is stil Aplha but fully playable. I have non problems with the game. Maybe some random shut down but not often.

1 hour from initial post and op is out.

Might not be the right type of game for you.