[HELP] How come my NWInt check function is opening the wrong menu?

So I have this run when a player initial spawns to check if they already made their character
My NWInt character_created for me is set for 0 and I did check using a print function in the server
but for some reason it is still opening CharAlreadyMade instead of OpenCharMenu
I even tried NWBool but it did the same thing

function char_check(ply)
if LocalPlayer():GetNWInt( “char_created” ) == 0 then

Terrible approach.
Use net messages instead.

im netmessaging in order to call that function

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I guess I’ll try making 2 netmessages instead of a check function

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nope it is still opening the wrong one

Why are you even using nwvares.

Hello, was wondering if someone could help me.

im using it to save pdata because I want it to save whether a player has created a character already


Didn’t it occur to you that you could store it on player and NOT sending it constantly, instead send it upon menu opening via net messages?

As in:
ply.createdCharacter = true

Then sending it in when opening menu.