Help how do i fix the map differs problem?

I need help on this map differs error problem because when i load into a server it says the map differs.
i found a couple of forums online that said delete your maps in your garry’s mod folder but it still didn’t work!
there was also no .bsp of that server in that folder.

but what i’ve been thinking is that i deleted my old steam folder by some of it’s data still exist along with the garry’s mod maps.

but still i don’t know what the problem is so i need help ASAP!

verrify integrity of game cache then close this thread

ok thx ill try that

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unfotunately that did not work :boxhide: :blaze:

Make sure all of your workshop addons are disabled, and you delete the maps in /download/maps/ as well.

i said i’ve already done that before thou and it didn’t work.