Help! How do I get Hammer working? How do I make a map with it? I have many questions about Hammer

I am pretty new to Facepunch, and to get started, I’d like to learn how to map. I’ll start with asking about how can I get all that shit and stuff working, and how to make a decent map that does not look like a strider just gave a shit in the toilet. And lastly, what is the link to downloading Hammer.
Please help and reply.

First of all, you need to download the Source SDK- go to the games library within Steam, tools, then download it. The SDK contains Hammer along with some other tools such as the model viewer.

For beginner guides to mapping, I suggest these sites:
Valve Developer Wiki

And you can ask in the question megathreads around here.
Good luck. :smile:

I learned how here:


Firegod. He’s quite good at mapping, and he has quite a few tutorials on his youtube page, i’m sure he’ll help you out along the way :smiley:

Thanks guys! I would also ask how to AI or NPC node my map.

You can also check out some of the maps Valve provides and analyze them to see how their maps were made.

Could try mine too

You can add me on steam too if you like.

Ok. so i have recently made a map, and then updated it and edited it to v2 and i saved it as a new file so i didn’t overwrite v1 and when i compile/save the updated map. the updates wont show in-game in css

Does the name have any spaces in it?


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No it does not

You made something that crashes the compiler. Post the compile log.

Nobody suggests my tutorials anymore…

I doo! Just not on facepunch

I wonder why?
Hint hint :v:

Might be a good read however i have not as i haven’t done anything mapping related recently. Seems to be quite helpful though!

I actually read through that. Was somewhat informative. But everyone has their own process of doing things i guess.

I occasionally make a small map, but I’ve never really had the courage to ask about tutorials here. I just looked around for some via Google and I’m glad that someone made a thread about it here. Extremely useful links, I might get back into mapping soon with all this information.