(Help) How does one make a source filmmaker map?

So new to modeling here and importing things to source filmmaker(New as in only doing it once so far) Im making this post to ask you how does one make maps for source filmmaker/gmod? i know you gotta use some 3D modeling program like blender or maya, But a tutorial would be appreciated .

I’ve been making SFM maps for a while and it’s quite literally no different than making a map for Gmod, or Left 4 Dead, or any other Source game. The only difference is that it opens up in SFM rather than Gmod, obviously. What you do is you go into your*** program files (x86)>Steam>SteamApps>Common>SourceFilmmaker>Game>Bin>Hammer.exe*** and voila, it’s all right there.

3kliksphilip is pretty good with tutorials too. He’s got dozens of them, too. Even though he does it in Counter Strike’s hammer editor, it’s still the same process.