[Help] How to accommodate gun

Please remember I speak Spanish, I apologize if I write wrong … let me know if you do not understand something, and again redactare best …

First of all I want to thank very much for your help, ah been very helpful piece of the script that I have provided (I hope I’ve written good :xd:) I’m really very happy to have joined this great community and I hope someday to be useful … .
well, now I need your help again, it is positioning a weapon in the View model (I mean, place a model in first person view). I’ve been able to accommodate third person (World View) but somewhat uneven :xd:, I just need a little practice but soon fails nicely done.
If possible, give me a tutorial to accommodate the model, and I’ll do it myself (So do not give a lot of work)
Already thank you very much and greetings to all!

There’s 2 models for weapons, a weapon_v.mdl and a weapon_w.mdl. The world model (_w) is the model players see the person holding the weapon. The view model (_v) is the model the player holding the weapon sees from the first person view. If both of those models are present you should just give the player the weapon and source engine’s magic will happen.