[help] How to hide my dedicated server IP

hi everyone, i’m actually hosting a gmod dedicated server on my secondary PC, and i wanted to know actually, how can i hide my ip or simply use another ip than mine for the server, for example use a VPN ?

Why would you do that?

cuz i just don’t want people that join my server to see my ip, because the server is hosted on my internet connection

The availability of your IP is the basis on how clients will connect to your server. I wouldn’t recommend applying a VPN; it’ll probably cause network performance issues with clients. If you are at all concerned that your user base will do anything nefarious with your home’s IP address, then you should host elsewhere.

I have a dynamic IP, does it help in security ?

Assuming your servers are not intended to be long lived, yes it does. If your network do get attacked, just unplug your modem for 15 minutes to get a new IP and you’re fine.

That’s actually what i’m doing, but it there a way to get an anti-ddos on a simple pc?

No. And you shouldn’t be home hosting. There are several reasons for this, but the key points are…

  • The hardware in a home PC isn’t optimized for running game servers.
  • Residential internet plans across the globe are not designed to host services such as websites and game servers, which require more upload than download: these plans are designed for downloading, not uploading.
  • More often than not, it is actually against the Terms of Service in your ISP’s plan to host game servers or communities out of home connections, and doing so can risk having your contract terminated and you’d then be forced to purchase a business contract, which can often be 10x the price of a residential contract.
  • You expose your home IP address to clients willingly, which can be used to DDoS your home connection or even to obtain metadata about your location.
  1. This is basically wrong, just because hes not using ECC ram and xeon’s doesnt mean he can’t run a server of the same quality. You can easily run servers off consumer gear that’ll run as well as the dedi’s you can buy off providers
  2. I can agree but this guy could live in a place where he can easily get high upload speeds.
  3. Im pretty sure ISP’s dont care that much. Most they’ll do is throttle.
  4. I do agree but location at most will be “you live in this country in this town on this ISP”

Even if you setup a VPN, the traffic in a ddos attack will be forwarded to your weaker internet connection. This isn’t a realistic solution I’m afraid.

ISPs do give a shit in certain circumstances, particularly when money is involved. I know for a fact some canadian ISPs are so anal about this they block a massive set of ports inbound, from mysql and FTP hosting to websites, game servers, and VOIP servers, all under the guise of “Security”

I never said he cant run it, nor was i specifically talking about ram and processors. I was more thinking about data and power redundancy, if the power goes out… tough luck to your server. Hard drive dies? Well shit, server gone for good.

Well that’s a bombshell.

  • No, desktop grade hardware is actually better for Source than server grade in most cases. That’s why the i7’s are so hot rn.
  • Ask for a symmetric connection - by default you’re often given a asymmetric connection. Some ISP’s don’t charge for the change, but you could notice a decrease in your download speed etc. Ask your ISP for exactly the benifits and downfalls.
  • That’s mostly just American ISP’s lol
  • You need more tinfoil

No, that’s not how a VPN should work. The endpoint node (VPN server) could go down at worse, but they don’t just mindlessly forward data to the client using the VPN?

once again - almost only america xd

So to answer to all of you :

  • I live in France
  • My server isn’t hosted in my PC but in my Cousin’s that live in Morocco
    In Morocco, actually ISP’s doesn’t care at all or do not even know about game servers

He hosted the server in his internet connection 40Mbps Speed and it has Nearly same Upload as Download

And i got for that a good PC without graphic card so it was really cheap and the Specs are here :

AMD FX-9590 Processor

May as well sell the RAM, that processor uses DDR3.

yeh that’s what i was planning to do but it’s not actually causing problems on the running of the server

So why list the DDR4 if you already have DDR3 in the server? AM3+ is not compatible with DDR4, it physically does not fit in a DDR3 slot.

Okay so here’s is the thing there is always risks with hosting but thier are measures you can take to help minimize those overall potential risks. Make sure your firewall is up to snuff allowing you to control traffic in your server. Go over and review the software config you are using to host with to ensure no malicious code or anything bad can compromise your computer. Lastly make sure you computer and everything is fully up to date with the latest software and so on for security(anything in use to host like php n stuff). With all that said I highly advise you do not host with your PC there are healthy alternatives to this and its really not worth it but good luck dood :wink:.

Boring and pointless… Just buy a cheap VPS if you want a small/medium sized garry’s mod server, £2 to £5 a month isn’t that expensive…

It’s not going to do a lot. Imagine if you’re provided with a 100mb connection and you’re receiving UDP traffic amounting to 600mbps. You’re going down no matter what your firewall does.

Don’t know if it would work at all but if you are just looking to do something about protecting the IP address just use a simple online service such as Cloudflare. Now as I said I am not the most advanced with this stuff :wink: