[HELP] How to host over 64 slots

Hello, could anyone aid me knowing how to host above 64 slots, and if my machine specs could handle the players. (Thinking of 80/100 slots)

16 Core Xenon (4.5Ghz)
32GB Ram
1TB Raid SSD Setup
Windows 7 (64 Bit)

What CPU?

Ultimately anything over 64 is going to require a optimized gamemode. My suggestion - code your own gamemode/admin system and avoid any addons/workshop items. 100 slots is indeed possible if you have a powerful enough processor and you have an extremely optimized gamemode.

I believe 128 is the hard cap withen gmod’s source engine? I dont think you would be able to pass that without some modification to the server part itself. By the way, what ever you are running needs to be EXTREMLEY optimized. No way you will be able to run perp or dark rp, probably not build either

What is the exact CPU model?

It doesn’t matter how many cores your CPU has. SRCDS isn’t multi-threaded and only utilizes two cores, one for networking traffic (Doesn’t use much at all) and one for the server and its physics.

Although, I don’t believe there is a processor out there with 16 cores and a clockrate of 4.5 Ghz, that would be insane, unless you’ve overclocked one of AMD’s beasts which run at ~3 Ghz with turbo fequency.

By the way, is this your own PC?

I never saw a 16 core cpu, Although i seen and used computers that had 2 seprate 8-core xeon cpus (I still managed to crash them too)

I think he’s mistaking threads as cores. Xenons only go up to 8 cores but are double threaded allowing 16 threads. again they have 16 threads, but only 8 cores.

I’m pretty sure you guys mean xeon CPUs. Xenon CPUs are what were used in xbox 360s and are based off the Power PC architecture.

protip: set tickrate to 33, you’ll take a hit to physics accuracy and hit detection accuracy but it’ll greatly reduce the amount of physics calculations per second thus allowing space for that many players to have all their assorted garbage lying around the server

16 tick… works… if you want to try it. Some shooting is slower (obviously) but it’s playable for things like gmtower lobby.

wasn’t the tickrate command removed?

Nope, it’s still “-tickrate XX” in the startup params.

Modified Gaming.

If I recall correctly, they use overclocked i5’s and a very low tickrate.

Doesn’t Battlefield 4 use a tick rate of 10?

Yeah, http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/forum/threadview/2955065223208879532/.

Which is why the “kill trade” still occurs.

I am running DarrkRP on 16 tickrate with E3-1270 v3 and hit 100/100 daily, it is laggy but if we continue to hit 100/100 players for multiple hours then I think it’s ok.


Yes. :slight_smile:

bf4 really uses tick of 10? Wow I’m suprised hit reg isnt completely fucked

Why is the UG’s 24/7 67thway server gone? :frowning:

Basically, when I had trouble finding a server, I always just thought to myself: “When in doubt, join UrbanGamers.”