[HELP] How to make files download

Ok this will sound really nooby but how do I make it so that certain files will download if you dont have them on connection to server without fast dl. The reason for this is I have added a new map that no one has and it disconnects them when the try to connect.
Any help would be appreciated.

This happens to a lot of users connecting to servers.
Normally they will have to install download the map manually, and place it into the “maps” folder.
I don’t know if a FastDL would fix this.

Garry’s Mod can download files from your server, but very slowly compared to using your own download URL. You can enable this by adding sv_allowdownload 1 to your server.cfg, if I recall correctly.

However the recommended route is uploading files to a webhost such as Dropbox and specifying the download link using sv_downloadurl “sitegoeshere” in the server.cfg. This way is much faster, and you can also compress files to the .bzip2 format using 7-Zip to allow even faster downloads.