Help | How to running 128 slots server in garrys mod?

there is any tutourial?
please help.


You realize how much that would lag on basically every server box… right?

Altough possible from what i know, regardless of how good your server is. The engine just isn’t built to deal with the number so would lag like a bitch or crash most of the time.

Then again everyone that claims to be able to run one has never got them filled (bar when sassilization tried it on deathrun and it seriously lagged like fuck).

I agree. OP just get a 64 slot or 40 slot. Source engine is allergic to 128.

I was there when Sass was running 128. It did lag, yes. But keep in mind we also have no idea what kind of server hardware he had.

OP: If you’re serious, you’re going to need to seriously optimize your gamemode. For hardware, you’ll probably want to get a i7-2600k, disable HT and (I’m pretty sure you can do this with the i7) disable all but one core. Then, overclock it to 4Ghz+ or as high as you can go stable.

You should be able to hit 128 players if you have a gamemode built from scratch and NOT derived from sandbox with that hardware. Keep in mind I’m not making guarantees here, and you’ll probably have to decrease your server tickrate down to 16 or 20 which will also increase your players ping.

Your biggest hurdle with this probably won’t be hardware, but your playerbase. I doubt you’ll have more then 40 players at once on your server unless you’re offering something unique and have a HUGE community backing you.

For bandwidth, you’ll probably want 20KB/s to 40KB/s per player. Let’s just go with 30KB/s average… you’ll need 30Mbps assuming your server is full. If it was full 24/7, then you would need 9.4TB transfer per month.

Anyway, enough rambling. Good luck!

There are much better CPU’s.

If you plan to run 128 slots at home then your retarded.
If you plan to OC a rack server then your retarded, although I guess if you’re turning the other 3 cores off it might fair well.

That’s just my opinion, we run an E3-1240 @ clock speeds with HT off for UK and a X3470 in US same settings. Both those servers don’t handle 40 people in DarkRP on downtown_v2. This is because of bad coding / umsg spam & insane amount of props.
You end up with 400 props and about 800 welds on a typical server like that. Although we often use a script to remove constraints if it gets out of hand.

DarkRP is derived from sandbox. That being said – go take a look at noobonicplague, which is DarkRP and averages over 50 players with no lag.

Hell, the OP didn’t even mention DarkRP. So why are you bringing it up?

Also, no, there’s really not very many CPU’s better then the i7 2600k for overclocking. You can sit here and call me retarded for suggesting that – but seeing as you can colocate towers in quite a few datacenters, I don’t see a single issue with it.

Personally, I’d join a 128 slot server just to see how crazy it was XD
Imagine 128 people on rp_downtown LOL

Fun fact: The 2600K goes to 5.0ghz on good air cooling. As does my 2500K.

I just meant overclocking a server is not advised. The 2600k is one of the best out for overclocking, but I wouldn’t overclock a server. Hence I would run an E3/X3 or the new E5 Xeon in december.

And I didn’t mean to say DarkRP would lag, I was referring to the props and constraints caused by people in that type of gamemode. If it’s one where people build lots of crap etc. As a note noobonic plague rarely ends up with that many props or constraints.

There’s absolutely no reason not to overclock on a server dedicated to a community, as long as the overclock is stable and the heat is under control.

If you plan on having the server for a while, you should steer away from overclocking though.


Probably “hurr lifespan”

Because overclocking for 2-3 years straight will degrade the lifespan of the processor from 8-9 years to around 5-6

Do you really believe a gameserver will run for 6 years? And even so, do you really think at that point in time he wouldn’t be able to afford a new processor, or new server entirely?

Six years of life is perfectly acceptable to me even in a production environment.

Some people can’t afford it.

If you can’t afford a new processor after six years of colocation then something is seriously wrong.

if he’s going to run a 128 slot server(and have it full, obviously) he can EASILY pull in enough donations to buy a processor every month, yet alone every 6 years.

go big and run a 148 slot