[Help] How would i make a logging system

ive been having some proplems,

i would like to know how would i make a admin reguest system where bascily a user would make a admin reguest and it would go to a menu where the staff member can claim it , and after there have done it… they make it as finished ,

basically this would be logging systeom so that we can see if staff are doing admin reguests or not ,

and a Head-admin+ can see all admin reguests done by every staff member ( on another menu ) and can reset they weekly admin reguests at the end of the week

but they overrall admin reguests would be saved… but the weekly admin reguests would be reset by a Head-admin or higher every week with a command/menu

Any Help please guys,


Best option to do this would learn how databases work, MySQL would work. Do you understanding SQL Queries?

i know it a little bit

like a enouth to know how to read and pull information

Then for Gmod you’d use the MySQL module, and save to tables there.

That way it persists and keeps the info. Then you just need to assign them to staff when they pick them up as an example.

All depends how you structure your tables.

would u beabull to show me ?

as i dont understand how to intergrate mysql to gmod?

I don’t have the time, but just google Gmod MySQL module, and it’ll give a few examples.