{HELP} HUD using to much memory??

So I created a HUD and it keeps using WAY to much memory and makes me exit gmod to save memory… its only 47 lines of code! Anyone have any ideas why its happening? (I can post the code if needed)

I’m assuming by memory you mean it’s lagging your FPS too much. This can be caused by multiple things. For example, you could be creating derma inside the HUDPaint hook, or you can be rendering a Material in the HUDPaint hook.
Best thing is to paste your code so we can take a look at it

Post code.

Well no what I mean is when I go to my task manager the memory gets up to 1k.

And heres the code :

Don’t create fonts in HUDPaint, create them outside. You’re causing a memory leak.

How would I create it “outside”?

Move the CreateFont call to outside the hook.


There’s no point in hiding hud code lol

Yeah ik I just dont want people who are just on here for codes to get it.

Nobody wants it.