Help I am having random hl2 sounds in the background of my multiplayer session

Hello recently I am having random HL2 “Citizen notice announcement” occurring in the background of my gmod. This is very annoying while playing since I cannot hear people when I type “Stopsound” in console it does the job but only for 1 minute.
Please can you help me I dont know what to do or how to do it please reply back soon so I can carry on playing without that sound, It happens on all servers.

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: *npc\overwatch\cityvoice\f_trainstation_assumepositions_spkr.wav
( 2b) 396164 : *npc\overwatch\cityvoice\f_trainstation_offworldrelocation_spkr.wav
( 2b) 510212 : *npc\overwatch\cityvoice\f_trainstation_inform_spkr.wav
( 2b) 581338 : *npc\overwatch\cityvoice\f_trainstation_assemble_spkr.wav
theses where the only sounds close to it when I typed “soundlist” in console I dont know how to delete them

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Also it has something to do with over watch announcement

[editline]22nd August 2014[/editline] these are some of the things that are being said on my client

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I believe theses are the sounds how to delete them ?

Does this happen on every server? All maps?


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Its client side of course but I want to locate the sound files so I can either delete them or change them.

Try removing scripts folder in your gmod folder. I can’t think of anything else that would make this happen.

what happends if I remove it ?

Nothing bad, you are safe to remove it. All the required files in that folder are stored in the .vpk.

alright ill make back ups just in case