help ,i am not hacker! my rust gamebanned.

my steamID 76561198172905407



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eac BAN

Not trying to be a dick or anything, but it’s kind of hard to believe that you didn’t cheat/hack when you show up on the official twitter report for being banned.

And considering that it’s a game ban, the only people that can unban you are the folks from EAC, and they’ll only do that if it turns out that your ban was a false positive (which honestly seems a bit unlikely). You’ll just have to wait for someone from EAC to respond to let you know whether or not your account is being unbanned.

Who I should contact to eac unbanned? bro


And yea…the next wave begins!:godzing:

EAC reads this forum. They’ll check it out eventually. But odds are you aren’t getting unbanned.

Me too. ;-;

I did not understand the reason for my banishment , which happened today.

my steamID 76561198262739389

Please someone could analyze.


Not trying to be rude, but you should probably make your own ban appeal thread instead of trying to jack someone else’s thread.

sorry , I tried only Keep assuto focused on only one topic.

me allso vacrekt. pliz halp, me no cheaty cheats.

srsly. get a new account and over it. you buy “undetectable” cheats,
you buy new accounts. thats it. have a nice day.

Ban wave time lol

Don’t play with paid cheats and you wont get banned, I see you have made a new account, try to keep this one clean eh?

EDIT new account was detected with cheats :confused: