Help i cant download

Hace mucho tiempo que no puedo descargar nada de, probe con el IE, con el Firefox y con el Crome, con todos me dan error las descargas… No puedo descargar nada de nada…
I cant download files from, i´ve tried so many times, but not works. Disculpen mi ingles pero es que soy de Buenos Aires y mi ingles no es de lo mejor :wink:


Download Mozilla, it’s probably your browser.


¿Podría usted decirme qué sucede exactamente? Esa manera puedo saber qué hacer.
(Web translators are useful.)

What the fuck?

The guy basically said:
“I cannot download anything off, the problem with IE, Firefox and Crome, is that it gives me errors while downloading… I cannot download anything don’t mention it… Excuse my English because I am from Buenos Aires and my English is not the best ;)”
It’s spanish.



maybe because a virus is blocking everything you download, this has happened to me and i deleted m gmod folder to see if it was the case, now its working fine

[ just doesn’t work for some people, it seems. apenas doesn’ trabajo para alguna gente, de t parece.