Help!! I can't make a smooth 3/4ish circle [Surf]

I’m trying to make something I found in surf_lt_omnific (see image on bottom), though the only thing I can come up with isn’t nearly as smooth. I tried creating a 360 degree arch (removing some of the bottom sections for ~3/4th circle) with 32 & 64 sides as well as creating the 3/4 circle manually, all are equally unsmooth. I tried placing tiny playerclips between each angle to smooth it out a little bit but it didn’t help either, see

Anybody have ideas?

I’m pretty sure that they either made that the same way you’d normally make surf ramps, or that because it’s a propper model it doesn’t bug up nearly as much.

Use the pipe brush in Sledge, save it and then open it with Hammer.

Hmm I’m gonna try converting it to a model and see if it smooths it up. I tried using the pipe brush in Sledge but it’s still as choppy as it was before, though the pipe brush definitely makes it easier to create the tube (and makes a better tube then arch). On topic of Sledge I’m too excited for Source support, whenever that may be :stuck_out_tongue:

Would smoothing groups help?

smoothing groups make lightmaps look smoother, doesn’t affect the actual geometry

They could have made the model’s physic’s mesh much smoother than the model actually is, so try making your arch a non-solid func_brush and then make a playerclip arch over it that uses more brushes.

Step 1:

That’s 128 sides with a special no-grid-snapping version of Sledge I compiled just for you. If that’s still not smooth enough for you:

Step 2: Duplicate the brush in the exact same spot, either by shift-dragging or using paste special.
Step 3: Give the new brush the playerclip texture.
Step 3: Select it and open the transform dialog (Ctrl+M).
Step 4: Rotate the new brush by (360°/128)/2 = 1.40625° around Z.
Step 5: Fuck me if that’s not smooth enough.

The appearance is definitely smooth though the surf would be horrid for this many subsections. I was able to convert the tube into a model though I can’t figure out how to get my custom textures to show up with Propper yet, as a model the surf did seem a lot smoother.

What I have set up now is my tube with just 32 sides and a playerclip just inside the tube with only 8 sides. The surf is a lot smoother this way. I’m hoping I can figure out this propper deal and get a good test on it after it’s converted to a model