Help I cant play Rust

Hi i cant play rust. I press play… select the resolution panel and press play and the lobby charge a little but it close at last … so i cant play this game plz help me in the last version i can play good !!
ty !

Can you please post your system specifications? CPU, RAM, video card.

ASUS i7 2670qm 2.2 ghz ,8 gb ram , nvidia geforce 610M ( 2 gb ) I Could play rust in others updates but now i cant … i tried to unnistall and install again … but dont work … clean the cache … play in developped mode etc etc

That’s gonna be tough on that laptop. Since procgen7 was rolled out 4 weeks ago, frame rates have sucked balls for even people with high end computers. Before the update I was running near 60 fps. I can barely eke out 30 fps atm. Granted I’m running my graphics at max setting, but still, I’m on a fairly powerful desktop with current generation CPU and GPU. I’m not surprised you’re encountering that kind of poor performance on a laptop.

so i dont have fix of that ?

Well, apparently there’s been some optimization done on the update that will be released in the next couple of hours. How much that will help you if at all is questionable. But as of right now, nothing short of a faster computer will help you.

This probably sounds dumb, but after you uninstalled Rust did you close Steam and restart it before reinstalling? If not, I suggest giving that a try.

and of course, run it on the lowest settings with any unnecessary tasks ended to try and free up as much RAM as possible.

I run this game at lowest and i can play at 17 fps … but now magic !! i cant start the game … cant join the lobby i think that must be a problem of the game …