help! i cant use the wire siystem!!!!

in the gmod, id be tried to do a wired door, and i dyscover that the wire system doesnt work!!!
if this happen to you too, or if know how to help me, please, send me a mail to
or leave a comment with it…
when i say it does not work, it does not even shoot!
stop saying that idk how use it, cause i know how to use it!!!
understand now, dumbasses?!?!?!?!

“i dyscover”

That’s why. You need to learn how to use it, it’s not like you just get wire and it automatically makes itself work for you.

you dont understand
the hydraulic controler does not appear when i shoot
and the gates, the info sender, and the rest of the wire tools, does not even shoot!
understand, now?


it does not even shoot!

Dude. gtfo right now.
If you “dyscovered” that it doesn’t work then use the SVN version. and you should try and LEARN how to use wire before wiring the world to world.

and i learn how to use it!
i got 3 friends plying gmod, they theach me how to use it cause i thing that i was doing someting wrong!
i cant do anyting tha y try.
and when i say discovered, im trying to say someting with more vocabulary!
cause i was using it ok 3 days ago!

So what you’re saying is some wire tools don’t shoot? Some don’t shoot unless you’re pointed at a specific entity.

the tongs is, that i cant use them, cause they dont even shoot.
im doing exactly the same that says a tutorial, (hidraulic wire)
and it does not even shoot, is not the problem of what im shooting i.
and all of them does not work, LIKE THE WIRE TOOL ITSELF