help i crash way too much

Anything that makes a sound crashes me. Usually i can shoot a shotgun but if i accually shoot someone with it i crash. Any explosion that im near enough to hurt me crashes me. Please help im so sick of this problem i had like 50 crash log file thingys.

Genuine Intel® CPU T2400 @ 1.83GHz (2 CPUs), ~1.8GHz
1014MB RAM
Hard Drive:
110 GB
Video Card:
Mobile Intel® 945 Express Chipset Family
Generic PnP Monitor
Sound Card:
Speakers (Conexant High Definition SmartAudio HD2)
Philips Surround sound headset
USB Root Hub
USB Root Hub
Operating System:
Windows Vista™ Business (6.0, Build 6000) (6000.vista_gdr.080917-1612)
Computer Case:

and i KNOW its not caused by addons because i did a complete re-instillation of garrysmod and didnt add any addons and i still crashed

wow noone knows why?

It’s probably your video card. Source doesn’t like integrated cards.

First of all:
Video Card: Mobile Intel® 945 Express Chipset Family
You should start by upgrading to something a little more…oh…capable of handling something basic like bejeweled. Little-known a source game.

Not to mention what you are describing sounds like a performance issue, not a sound issue. says:

its a laptop and this source game cant have better graphics than halo 2. Is there a way to FORCE the game to deal with it?

Go play Episode 2 on maximum settings and come back and say that. Source games have much better graphics than Halo 2. But that isn’t what this thread is about.

You have no clue what you are talking about, you cannot force the game to work with hardware it is not designed to use. That’s like trying to run something a supercomputer would do, on your laptop, for lack of a better metaphor.

That’s like making a Toyota Prius beat a Lamborghini in a race despite the engineering it has, it just doesn’t work that way.

Aha, much better. Give this man a cookie.:hfive:

No but seriously, we are in the era where games no longer run well if at all on integrated graphics. It is time to upgrade

“Go play Episode 2 on maximum settings and come back and say that.” Yes i own the game i have done it at full settings with only slight gfx lag. SLIGHT. Just had to make sure you all see clearly what i said.

That whole setup is not very good.

Wondering still if its a graphics problem. I can shoot the shit out of anything in any game. But if i shoot a person i crash. Anything that will make a bood splatter crashes me in multiplayer.

Oh wait i can also watch a nuke go off in gmod but not crash with this there was a fix for the most graphically taxing weapon in this game but simple blood splatter cant be fixed??

It CAN be fixed, you act like there is a problem with the blood spatter effect within the game; there isn’t. Like we have said multiple times, you need to upgrade you system. Garry said it himself, if you have an integrated Intel chipset it is time to upgrade. Just because your graphics card or computer setup can handle a nuke doesn’t necessarily mean it likes other things. When we are comparing Hl2: Ep 2 and Garry’s Mod we are also talking about two completely diverse games. Hl2: Ep 2 you shoot stuff, and move some object with the Gravity gun. In Garry’s Mod, you’re constantly manipulating physics which not only takes CPU usage, but graphics performance as well. Maybe even more so than vivid detailed textures like in Hl2: Ep 2. Reinstall Garry’s Mod, and if that does not fix your problem, upgrade your computer.

Unfortunately there are a lot of situations especially when it comes to computer games, where the only alternative isn’t necessarily a cheap one. Again, your playing games in an era of highly sophisticated games that can no longer be handled by older machines.

well is there a way to disable the blood splatter effect? And its an doesnt integrated mean that the graphics card is PART of the motherboard? PC upgrade is impossible at this point.

Try adding the -dxlevel 80 command to your startup options!

i already have that. I survive in the game about 3 seconds longer and then crash. :frowning:

bump. Discovered i only crash on weapons that shoot multiple projectiles or weapons that can damage multiple players at once.