Help i got banned for some reason..

I don’t know why… But i got banned from rust. How do i get unbanned? Cause i did nothing wrong.

Vac ban or server ban?

you hacked

buy the game on a different account and try again

The only way to get unbanned is to post a recording of your voice or even better of yourself with a webcam explaining to facepunch that you didn’t cheat , many people got unbanned that way . Video must be posted here :wink: glad that I could be of help , no need to thank me !

Well i don’t have a webcam… And i didn’t hack… :confused: Vac ban

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

If you don’t have a webcam, you should go record yourself explaining yourself, if you don’t do this your ban won’t be lifted.

Where do i send the recording file?

Upload it to


record it on here

and paste the link.

In the thread title you were talking about “some reason”. Well, I’ve got news for you. The reason is because you were cheating. You got caught. Nothing we can do about a VAC ban anyway, and even if we could, we certainly wouldn’t want to unban a fucking cheater.

We all know you cheated, so please refrain from throwing any bullshit at us about how a truck crashed into your neighbours’ house while you were shopping and when you came back you were banned all of a sudden.

anyone else waiting for jinx to come in and post his copy / paste usual? Come on jinx i know you got this!

Dang the anger from RBMK100

You need to chill bro… I don’t even know you… I didn’t cheat… o_o You must be a really angry person…

You can also upload it on youtube as unlisted or public if you wish and paste the link here after you’re done . You have to explain on the microphone the situation . Almost every player that does that gets unbanned ! Good luck mate, cya in game after you do that :wink:

Yes, you did. And I’m only angry at people who come here and lie to us.

It’s a quick fix, just need a voice recording/webcam of your reason why you think you where banned
Text is cheap and doesn’t really mean anything anymore, everyone can lie with text on a screen.

With a voice recording we catch any cheaters :wink:

^ and this has been told to you by a guy with a Golden name and 6,402 posts on this forum , if he is telling you that then you should better do it faster so you can get unbanned and play again mate !

and TrannyAlert at the top, also gold with nearly 6400 posts.