Help i just wanna play this game again

hello i have a huge problem, i am lagging hard on rust every like 5 secs, my character just freezes and then teleports as if i was still running, some people are even calling me a hacker because of that,
i used to play this game without any issues, i stopped playing just before they removed the need to hammer the walls in order to build them, btw i have 0 fps lag its just the servers but its all of them
and i used to be able to play on the servers without any issues, is there something i can do? im going to leave u my pc specs and internet specs below if u need them.

GPU: Nvidia Gtx 780
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z77X UP5-TH
Ram: 32GB
Cpu: Intel core i5 3570k @3.40GHz
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium Home Edition.

Internet specs: 200Mbps download and upload

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