HELP! I Need a PPD-39 from DEADFALL or PPD-40 from H&G


any of the 2 models serve me :slight_smile: I hope you can help me

PD:do not comment steamworkshop links. I am not used to download


Deadfall one is a PPD-40 with a PPD-34 barrel, not a PPD-34.

The H&G one is extremely annoying to get due to how the engine packs things.

I know it’s a ppd-40 with a barrell of ppd-34, you have the deadfall ppd?

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I know it’s a ppd-40 with a barrell of ppd-34, you have the deadfall ppd?

Why did you type twice?

i dont know xD
Enjoy. :slight_smile:

OMFG BRO YOU ARE GOD!!! I FUCKING LOVE YOU :'D (you dont have the Deadfall version too?)

No, I dont own the game.

well, dont matters i still waiting for it :3

Comrade can you extract more things from HnG? There are several models from there I need.

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I sent you a private message containing the Deadfall stuff.

thanks my friend :3 y ou dont have some battlefield 1 models? and i want for the double barrell shotgun from World at war

I released the waw shotgun in the workshop, download it with workshop downloader, decompile it and take it.

I released a pack of BF1 obj models a while back, look for the thread.

I can look into, btw, I haven’t gotten any PM’s, I think my facepunch has been acting strange lately, if needed you can contact me via steam.

i downloaded the shotguns pack, but i cant extract it :frowning: i convert the .gma files into .rar o .zip and gives me error when i try to extract

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You cant send me the Jhonson 1941 LMG, korovin TK and Springfield 1903 with large scope too? :3

I’ll look into getting these for ya, btw. For .GMA files you need to get the gmad extractor(for easiest extraction of gma’s) or you can look up how to use gmad.exe already in your garry’s mod setup, I personally recommend using gmad extractor as it makes the whole process just a bit more user friendly.
If you can’t find gmad extractor or a working version, you can also get Garry’s Mod Publish Tool which has a GMA extraction feature.
Hope this has helped! :slight_smile:

well :'v i need gmod first, you dont have the models of H&G what did I tell you

He just told you you can use the gmad extractor or GMPU. You do not need Garry’s Mod.

when i try to use gmad the gaves me error, i will try with GMPU

bro, the gmad gaves the error : gmad.exe not found, and the GMPU dont extract the .gma files :confused:

or you could use this