*** HELP!!! I need expert advise about ASS Mod****

Ok so I started this epic server (believe it or not) and well it seems to be working but the player models aren’t set and u can’t use any type commands the player models look like gray clay figures and its weird.

And you can’t change jobs when you type the command or click the job it just types the command but nothing happens I would poo my pants if someone could help me fix this because I haven’t been able to use my server for weeks because it doesn’t work right :’( I did so much amazing scripting and custome everything


Very greatful,


ASSMOD is a terrible admin mod. It is probably one of the easiest ones to be hacked. I suggest switching to ULX instead.

ok ill try that hope it fixes my glitch

stop putting asterisks around your thread titles, it looks stupid, like your thread is more important than anyone elses.