(Help) I need flexes and material fixes.

I was making this as my personal TF2-styled model for Garry’s Mod and Source Filmmaker, and I encountered a couple problems:
First, the flexes aren’t present at least in Garry’s Mod due that I probably compiled this thing’s qc file badly.
And second, the textures look a bit ugly for not having much of the vtf contents from a default TF2 player skin texture. I probably forgot some things.
So, if someone could do the favor, I include here the source from 3DS Max, the qc, the textures, materials and stuff so I can finish this. I will credit it when I get it to upload to Workshop or something (so anybody including me can use it properly in Gmod videos or so).

Can someone do me the favor? I’m pretty uncautious on compiling models.

Sorry for the stupid-ass bump, but, just in case if anyone has noticed…